Monday, January 30, 2012

XOC Podcast #13 - The Truth is in the Water

XOC Podcast #13
Extreme Odd Couple Podcast
"The Truth is in the Water"

Just when you thought it was safe...just when you thought there would be no more crazy theories or rants, Steve Corino drops a bombshell on Rob Dimension. Instead of looking up, go for a swim.

The guys introduce another new word into the English language, while they also murder it. Dimension explains how he gets another flat tire & why he is a broken man. Corino discusses his latest injury, the florida primary and how easy Baseball could be 365 days a year.

Plus, the popular "Who Would you Bang" returns and visits The Golden Girls..those poor ladies. All this and so much more...visit for more information and for how YOU can advertise with the XOC guys.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

XOC Podcast #12 - Runaway Insult Train...

XOC Podcast #12
"Runaway Insult Train"

On this episode of The Extreme Odd Couple, both Steve Corino and Rob Dimension are on edge. Insults are thrown right from the start.

Topics today discussed - Dimension tell's his Will Smith Screw Job story, can anyone trust this guy again?  Plus, Steve Corino starts off the "What If" segment with What If Magnum TA never had his accident...wait until you see where this one goes. Also, Corino makes it a point to bash Dimension's taste in almost everything. Dimension talks Stoogeum, Joe PA is brought do unclog a drain with? Our own, DIY Dimension shares his knowledge...or lack off.

The guys also play the game - "Who would you bang?" This time, through the eyes of Jack Tripper from Three's Company. Who's safe? Who's the clinger? We're sure you've thought of it before.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Updates for 1/23/12 - Baseball, Screams and Stooges

Blog Updates

Another week passes by and hopefully everyone is enjoying the #XOCPodcast. This past week, in addition to the Podcast, Corino and Dimension continue to write and blog about additional activities they enjoy.

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 Here are this week's entries:

Steve Corino - Base-Bloggin has made it's debut..with two great write ups. The first round covers Baseball Hall of Fame elections and poses some great questions and opinions...(Click Here) - While the second round gives Corino's insight at Cole Hamels and the Phillies. Read it Here.

Rob Dimension - Dimension finally gets around to watching Scream 4, the forth installment in the popular Scream franchise. Want to know if it's worth a rental? Then check it out Here.

The Stoogeum and Dimension finally connect..imagine a stooge waiting out front to get into a stooge museum. Located in Ambler, PA, and as heard on the podcast, Rob finally made the trip to his graceland. Read about this stooge Here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

XOC Podcast #11 - This One Might Sting!

XOC Podcast #11
"This one might sting!!"

Fresh after a week off, Dimension and Corino return with TONS of topics...over 90 minutes of show!!!!

Dimension talks a little family life and instigates Corino on Tebow! The guys talk about the upcoming film project "The Challenge" and how YOU can get involved.

Steve Corino fixes the economy!! This is a must listen, as Steve goes on a 20 minute tirade. Just awesome to hear him speak out on some topics. Dimension finally gives his Monday Night Nitro and Corino admits "It's really good!" We know...we were shocked too!

While you listen, live tweet to the guys @SteveCorino and @RobDimension on Twitter..we want to know what you think. Enjoy the show

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blog Updates 1/7/12 - Steve Corino's 1st episode of Thunder too!!

Blog Updates

Dimension and Corino have been busy updating their blogs. 10 podcasts under the belt for the dynamic duo, if haven't listened yet...what are you waiting for? Plus, do the guys a favor...subscribe, rate and review the show.

Below is Corino's 1st episode of Thunder too!!

Steve Corino - Corino's comedy styling's reviewed? Yes! At a recent comedy event, The Philadelphia City Paper joined the laughs...curious to see what they said? (Click here) Also, make sure you visit to see our friend, the man responsible for getting the Extreme Odd Couple together, Bill he asks more questions about the ECW ending Professional Wrestling.

Rob Dimension - Dimension obviously has nothing going he takes a mathematical look at how long the time loop actually lasts in the film, Groundhog Day. (click here for this winner) Also, visit for some documentary reviews. Dimension gets his booking chance on this week's XOC Podcast, as he debuts his Nitro show.

Steve Corino Books WCW 2001 - Thunder

8pm EST
Old WCW Thunder logo explodes into the new WCW Thunder logo.
Screen goes black.

Lights come on and STING is in the ring.

"Tonight marks a new era in not only World Championship Wrestling but tonight is the NEW era of Pro-Wrestling. Everything you ever saw before will change in front of your eyes. WCW will never be the same!"

Jeff Jarrett's music
Jeff is accomplined by manager Simon Diamond and Mark Jindrak.

Jeff Jarrett
"Stinger, you are correct. Tonight marks a new era. But it also ends an era. The era of Sting. Next to me (pointing to Jindrak) is the future of professional wrestling. Six foot six, 260 pounds. This is the new face of WCW and his name is Mark Jindrak. Sting, you were the face of this company in the 1990's and it is time to pass the torch. Do you have what it takes to face the future?"

"Jarrett, for years I have heard you run your mouth, but I can't think of a better way of shutting you up then stopping the hype of your 'future'. So lets not wait for a Pay Per View. Lets do it tonight, LIVE, right here on Thunder!"

Sting's music

Pan to announce table
"Hello everyone I am Matt Vasgersion, along with my color commentator Steve Corino and we welcome you to the sold Philadelphia Civic Center for the rebirth of WCW Thunder! Tonight we will re-introduce you to the next generation of WCW stars and when we come back you'll see The Syndicate in action."

Commercial 2:00

A long meeting table. Lots of cigar smoke. A voice says "The time is now to take over WCW gentlemen. We can do it two ways. The easy way or the hard way". The camera pans to Johnny The Bull, Reno, and Guido Maritato laughing heelishly.

THE SYNDICATE (Johnny The Bull, Reno, & Guido Maritato) vs. Norman Smiley, Crowbar, & Chilly Willy

8 minute with Guido pinning Smiley after a tag team finisher from Bull & Reno.
After the match Chilly Willy and Johnny The Bull need to be separated.

"When we come back, its a Crusier Weight scramble"

Commercial 2:00

VTR of the Crusier Weight division. Lots of highspots.

Nova vs. Quiet Storm vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Billy Kidman

2 segments (12 minutes total). Nova pins Kidman to win the match.
After the match Chavo says that he wants the Cruiser Weight title reinstated.

WCW Board Of Director Jack Victory comes out and says that starting next week WCW will start the Cruiser Weight tournament, which will also be the start of an annual tournament, featuring Jr. heavyweights from around the world.

Commercial 2:00

The island of Samoa. Home of some of the best pro-wrestlers in the entire world. Next week, the best ever debuts. Samoa Joe is coming to WCW.

The music of Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner hits. Fans are going crazy.
Steiner tells the fans that 2001 will be his year and will be the WCW International heavyweight champion.

Lights go down. Strange, old European music hits.

Alex Wright and The Wall are on the stage. Alex is doing a Inglorious Bastards type gimmick. He says that he is a hunter of the scum of WCW. Tonight his extinction of WCW starts with Scott Steiner.

8 minutes. Steiner makes his comeback but Alex Wright interferes causing a DQ. It is 2 on 1 until Kevin Nash hits the ring! Nash saves Steiner!!!

Fade to commercial 2:00

Music of The Baldies hits. Matt talks about the toughness of Devito and Angel.
Music of The Demon. He comes to the ring with Alan Funk.

3 minutes when the screen starts playing the same Samoan video as before. Lights go off and when they come back on Samoa Joe is in the ring. Suplexs for everyone. Samoa Joe has arrived!!!

"Next week? No thanks. Tonight is the night to make an Impact and the Samoan Suplex Machine is in the house. And (pointing to the locker room) NO ONE IS SAFE."

Matt Vasgersen: "What does Samoa Joe have planned? Who is he going after? When we come back, its Sting vs. Jindrak!"

Commercials 4:00

Its main event time on Thunder.
Mark Jindrak's music
Jindrak is accompanied by Jeff Jarrett and Simon Diamond. His entrance is much like his Marco Corleone gimmick in Mexico.

Sting's music.
Sting is in the ring with his black jacket and Crow-like face paint. Jindrak, Double J, and Simon are waiting in the corner. Sting put his bat in the air when all of a sudden lightning hits the bat. Holy shit. The lights flicker. Smoke is in the ring. The lights come up and its BLOND HAIRED STING! Sting is re-born!

The place is going crazy.

Jarrett charges but Sting stops him. Big bump. Diamond charges but Sting cuts him off. Its Jindrak vs. Sting staring at each other.

Commercial 2:00


Back and forth for 10 minutes when Sting catches Jindrak in the Scorpion Death Lock.

Will Jindrak tap?
We gotta go! We will see you next week and show you what happened between Jindark and Sting. Thank you for joining us on THUNDER!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

XOC Podcast #10 - It's Armageddon!!

XOC Podcast #10
The Extreme Odd Couple
"It's Armageddon!!"

Another year in the books, but that doesn't mean that Steve Corino and Rob Dimension will agree about the Apocolypse..or if it's gonna even happen. From New Years happenings, to more Chairshots to the Head, to the sad story on how these two nerds celebrate bringing in 2012.

Steve Corino serves us his 1st Fantasy TV taping of Thunder for the "Re-booking WCW in 2001" segment. Who debuts? Who makes a return? You've been here it is. Plus, Corino adds even more insight to the Chairshots vs Drug Use in Professional Wrestling. This is a deep conversation and is worth a listen. Do you know someone who abuses drugs or suffers from depression? Take a stand, listen and help.

Rob Dimension talks gaming (of course) plus what happened when he approached the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) and he gives Corino the answer to the Bowling Challenge!! 12 years in the making, will the "War to Settle The Score II" happen? Are you #TeamCorino or #TeamDimension?